Cyberpunk 2077 designer reveals what it's like to work with Keanu Reeves

Published Time: 2019-06-16 10:08:36

Company: CNN - Author: N/A

  • Cyberpunk 2077, made by video game company CD Projekt Red, features V a character the player customizes who has a malware infected biochip in their head.
  • Pawel Sasko, the game's lead quest designer, said that CD Projekt Red knew it wanted to bring back Johnny Silverhand, who was a rock band frontman in the 90's role playing title, "Cyberpunk 2020." (Reeves did not play the character in the previous game, which was a pen and paper role playing game.) The developers needed "a strong actor that would be able to play this role" from almost the beginning of the game to the end, Sasko said.
  • CD Projekt Red asked Reeves to play Johnny because the actor had a history of playing "very strong characters that are often fighting for something," said Sasko.
  • Because the video game is so expansive and interactive, players can take their relationship with Reeves' Johnny in many different directions.

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